Toca Freestyle Canon Djembe 14" with Bag, Black Mamba

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Traditional Rope Tuning with a Contemporary Edge

If one drum could possibly do it all - speaking about any percussive gathering, drum circle or mass happening - the Toca Freestyle Cannon Djembe, part of the acclaimed Black Mamba Series, might be that drum.

It features a lightweight but durable seamless synthetic shell. Right away, we're talking unimpeded resonance and a delightful mix of crisp highs and undulating lows. Once the player tensions the head to the optimum frequency output, the tuning will be stable, thanks to the use of low-stretch Alpine rope with braided cores. A protective rubber bottom acts as a buffer against marring and, additionally, prevents the Djembe lows from 'choking' against a hard floor. In the Black Mamba tradition, the luxurious black shell comes with a premium goatskin head impregnated with matching black dye. And the 14" drum wouldn't be complete with a black bag to shield it from hazard.

The Toca Freestyle Cannon Djembe, Black Mamba Series is the perfect drum for any drum circle or gathering where durability, tone and stability are prerequisites. Rope-tunable for the traditionalist, it features a mighty projection thatÉwell, let's just say we didn't call it a "Cannon Djembe" for nothing!

The Freestyle Canon Djembe with Bag has a synthetic shell that makes it impervious to weather changes. It is also very lightweight and easy to transport. If you're looking for a portable drum with excellent sounds, a wide variety of tones, and great value, you have found it! Genuine goatskin head for authentic traditional tones. 14" head diameter, 25" high.

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  • Newly designed bigger bowl shape for optimal bass tones
  • Lightweight and durable seamless synthetic shell
  • Protective rubber bottom
  • 14" Goatskin head, 26" height with rope handle
  • Deep bass tones and intense high tones
  • Patent Protected
  • Low-stretch alpine rope with braided cores
  • Includes matching padded bag with fully adjustable shoulder strap & side pocket

Extra Information

14" x 26"

11 Reviews

  • Posted by Saboor Zia on 11th Jul 2020


    Toca Black Mamba 14"

    Love the Djembe, i want to extend my gratitude to the X8Drums Team who made the delivery possible without charging extra dollar.

    Thank you X8Drums!

  • Posted by Thomas D Knappenberger on 17th Sep 2016


    a really nice and good sounding drum

    i got the drum in the mail and i took it up to the drum circle for full moon. and it was more than awesome. deep bass tones was well as high rim slaps too. i am very happy with a what i ordered and glad to be part of the druming community again.

  • Posted by Colton Stewart on 14th Aug 2014



    I received my drum about a week ago and it was tuned perfectly when I received it in the mail. The lows in this Djembe are unlike any other drum that I have played before. I would like to think X8 Drums for their great products that they sell. I would recommend this drum to any and any gig.

  • Posted by JOE SPANO on 12th Aug 2014


    great deal

    i like the sound of this drum. deep bass and cool rim shots are great. this is my second djembe, i am very please my purchase.

  • Posted by (Millbrook, AL) on 12th Aug 2014


    good drum, good value, good service

    I bought this drum to use for our youth group worship. It goes great with an acoustic guitar. The deep bass sound is amazing. Got it at a fair price and the customer service was first class.

  • Posted by mark sharp on 12th Aug 2014



    not only did my drum come delivered tuned but it also came early...sounds great

  • Posted by Scott on 31st Jul 2014


    Low of all lows!!

    The bass tones on this thing is amazing, subsonic even!! I purchased this for acoustic sets with our church's praise band. It has an exceptional sound for the price. Great for a novice or intermediate djembe player. I'm giving it 4 stars because I haven't used another djembe to compare it to. Service at X8 is great and the shipping......well.....they must have teleported it here because I ordered it and 5 minutes later it was at my door!!! :) SUPER FAST SHIPPING!!!

  • Posted by karole longbrake on 30th Jul 2014


    Yes, Yes Yes!

    The drum was delivered with lightning fast speed. The carrying case and drum are absolutely beautiful. The sound of the bass resonating moves me to my soul. Best purchase of the year. Definitely recommend this seller and the products.

  • Posted by (Roseville, CA) on 30th Jul 2014


    An excellent value, a beautiful instrument

    I am by no means a expert on djembe, but I have been playing percussion for a number years semi-professionally... this drum is awesome... came to me tuned, out of the box, has stayed in tune, despite the weather/environmental changes it has been exposed to... Great sound, nice boomy thumps, nice crisp slaps (not ringy)... Also X8 drums has been great to work with... you can tell more about character, under pressure and despite the glitches in my order, they always had my back... Thank you so much for great service... I would recommend this drum & X8 to anyone..