Toca 20th Anniversary Series 12-1/2 in. Tumba Conga Drum

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From the beginning, Toca Percussion was determined to be different in look and sound. It paid off. Today, Toca has a "percussional-ity" all its own and is a top choice in hand percussion instruments for musicians around the world.

The special Anniversary Series Congas celebrates 20 years of Toca innovation, style and sound. These traditional congas boast a contemporary design and slender shell shape with a sharp tapered bottom that creates extremely strong bass tones that are so fundamental to today's Afro-Cuban style music. The four-bolt tension plate spreads the tuning tension over a larger space of the shell for higher tuning ranges.

Toca 20th Anniversary Congas are available in three sizes"; the 11" Quinto, 11-3/4" Conga and 12-1/2" Tumba. Each one features two-ply wooden stave shells accented with the commemorative 20th anniversary badge and a limited edition, red and black hand-painted finish that will vary slightly from one drum to the next. A genuine calf skin drum head is secured with a traditional hoop and gleaming black mirror chrome hardware. Six lugs are built into the drum, giving it a greater tuning range.


  • This listing is for the 12-1/2" (2012-1/2A) Drum Only.
  • Wooden stave shell
  • Hand-painted finish
  • Calfskin drum head


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