Sela Tac Tic Percussion Instrument

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The Sela Tac Tic is a “3in1” Multi-percussion-tool, which is a completely new combination of castanets, jingles and a shaker. It offers you unlimited sound possibilities. You can play it as an independent instrument in your hand or use it as an Add-On for your cajon or any other percussion instrument. 

Attaching to the Cajon
Attaching to the Cajon
On the top, on the right or left side: you can attach the Sela Tac Tic using the Velcro band on any spot of your cajon. Your playing style and your taste decide where. If you position your Sela Tac Tic on the top for example it allows you to play the cajon with your palm and the castanets with your thumb simultaneously.


Attaching to Conga etc.
Attaching to Conga etc.
With an optional available bracket the Sela Tac Tic can be mounted onto a percussion or drum stand. This makes it also a perfect Add-On for your conga, djembe, hang drum or any other percussion set up.


Held in hand
Held in hand
The Sela Tac Tic can also be played in the hand. For that you‘ll find a thumb loop on the back, with which you can keep it steady and secure. The genius thing is: your other fingers are free to play for example a castanet figure while you are playing the shaker!


Set accents while playing: the sound of the castanets is assertive and perfect for accentuated playing. Play new grooves with your thumbs or realize incredibly fast clack-effects.


Brass jingles
Brass jingles
Loud, silent or muted: the six jingles of the Sela Tac Tic can be adjusted according to your needs or be completely muted with the screw system. Every sound is possible, from tambourine to hi-hat sound.


Fits in any musical situation: do you need a concise, sharp shaker sound or is a milder sound with less attack demanded? You can have both in no time. Rotate the Sela Tac Tic by 90 degrees and you will have the desired shaker sound. The multi-chamber system makes it possible.
  • The ultimate “3in1” Multi-Percussion-Tool
  • Two wooden high speed castanets
  • Adjustable brass jingles with mute function
  • Dual chamber shaker with different sound options
  • A perfect Add-On for Cajon, Congas, Djembe, Hang Drum and many other percussion instruments
  • Quality handmade in Germany
  • Solid wood body in black
  • Thumb loop for secure hold
  • Self-adhesive Velcro strip for mounting
  • Dimensions: approx. 6.7" x 2 x 2.7

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