Sela SE 002A CaSela Satin Nut Professional Cajon with Removable Snare System

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The Revolution in Cajon Building
The CaSela Snare Cajon is a professional cajon which combines Sela‘s many years of experience making cajons with highly modern production methods. This opens up entirely new visual and acoustic possibilities. The precisely finished components are "Made in Germany" and are of the highest quality.

High comfort, optimal sound production
The extra-strong body guarantees an optimal sound production. Rounded corners and the Sela Thin Splash veneered playing surface provide a relaxed and enjoyable playing feeling. Due to the construction, subsequent replacement of the playing surface is possible.

Removable Sela Snare System and special clap corners
The sound of the Sela Snare System can be attenuated or amplified according to your taste. Additionally you can remove the snare easily. Through that your CaSela turns into a traditional Peruvian cajon without a snare. The cajon has individually adjustable clap corners, in addition to the crisp snare sound and the differentiated bass.

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5 Reviews

  • Posted by LN on 7th May 2015


    weak bass

    The quality of the instrument is high and I especially like the rounded corners but the bass is much weaker than I was expecting. It is not as deep and sustaining as the bass on even the basic Sela model (which I have and is half the price), which is unfortunate. For me, the bass is the most important thing. I chose this cajon because it also has clap corners, which are a nice feature. I appreciated being able to build it myself but after all that work, I am now going to have to return it. This is the problem with ordering a cajon before you can play it! Even after watching several comparison videos, I was sure I had chosen the one that would meet my needs. So if its the bass you're after, this is not the one.

  • Posted by Dervish on 14th Aug 2014


    Very Nice Quality

    I'm brand new to cajons, so I don't have anything to really compare it to, other than briefly messing with a Meinl and LP in a local music shop, but this one does sound good to my novice ears. I'm not hearing the tonal range of videos online of this model, but I'm guessing that's probably me not knowing what I'm doing yet. I'm going to play with adjusting the front plate screws to see how it effects slaps & snare sounds. Anyway, I love the way it sounds with and without the snare inside. Build quality is excellent on this attractive instrument. I ordered it un-assembled but it came finished. I won't complain about that though, as it saved me some time. Your mileage may very (don't count on having my luck in that regard). :)

  • Posted by Stephen on 14th Jul 2014


    Excellent Choice

    I have had a more expensive cajon before. Now with the Casela I have a better one in terms of sound and playing possibility. Great product.

  • Posted by Tim on 14th Jul 2014



    This is a versatile instrument with adjustable corners to add or remove snap. It takes about 40 minutes to put together if you have to charge batteries. I use it with no, one, or two snares depending on the situation. Don't be afraid to use bruses or padded mallets. It has the most amazing pitch bend with padded mallets. I also play the back with padded mallets. Watch out for that hole. The Sela Bag is good for carrying the instrument, snares, seat pad, mallets, and three set of brushes with spare room. Padding is medium.

  • Posted by Ed on 11th Jul 2014


    Very Warm and Snappy

    Because local stores and the big box music stores don't stock a wide variety of cajons, I spent a lot of time listening to cajons on the web and this one stood out. It sounds better in person and a pick up mike really brings the sound home. The case is worth purchasing too.Opt for the assembly option. For the extra few bucks you can't go wrong. Happily X8 is a rarity in offering many cajon varieties and options.