Sela Harmony Handpan D Kurd with Bag (D3/ A3, Bb3, C4, D4, E4, F4, G4, A4)

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The Handpan is the perfect combination of percussion and melody instrument. It consists of two steel bowls. The metal bowls are hardened (nitrided) in a special process. This gives the instrument its structure. As part of their manufacturing process, the halves are then elaborately hammered by hand. This creates dents and a small hill in the middle of the body. These surfaces become the various sound fields. The central note lies in the middle and is surrounded by a circle with eight further notes.

The Sela Harmony Handpan is professionally and perfectly tuned. It captivates by quality and sound at the highest level. The Handpan has an optimal resonance vibration across all tones. Disturbing metallic sounds do not arise during playing. The tones are bright and long-lasting.

The instrument's uniquely soft, ethereal and mysterious sounds quickly attract the listener's attention. The soothing sound takes them on a spiritual journey. The fascinating timbre of the Sela Harmony Handpan is ideal as a musical accompaniment for spiritual activities such as yoga or meditation. The sounds are already created with an easy response. Even the smallest nuances can be heard while playing. The result is an expressive and detailed performance.

The Sela Harmony Handpan is ideal for beginners as well as professional musicians. Its nine notes lie on a common scale. With the Sela Harmony Handpan, fascinating sound patterns can be created despite its intuitive and simple playing technique. The soundscape ranges from simple to complex. The player is offered inexhaustible possibilities: More complicated rhythms, virtuoso melodies, captivating chords or two-voice melodies can be combined in many ways.

A high-quality and padded bag is included in the scope of delivery. Thanks to its good lining, the bag provides optimum protection during transport. The tear-resistant nylon bag can be carried easily by hand with the two handles or comfortably as a backpack with the adjustable shoulder straps. Small accessories such as a metronome can be stored in the practical outer compartment.

Tuning: D Kurd
Tones: D3/ A3, Bb3, C4, D4, E4, F4, G4, A4
Material: steel, nitrided
High-quality workmanship
Color: Dark Grey
Includes padded bag with rucksack straps

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