Scratch 'N Dent: Africa Origins Ivory Coast Djembe #0217-16

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This Ivory Coast Djembe was hand carved from a solid piece of African hardwood. This wood showcases a rich brown coloring with the natural wood grain swooping lines all over the shell. The intricate design at the bottom of the shell was designed and carved by hand. The drum head is thick African goatskin.

NOTE: This drum shell is in new condition. Unfortunately on its journey from Africa to Texas, the drum head split and the wrap inlay came loose, most likely due to moisture interacting with the adhesive used. The price has been discounted significantly to reflect these flaws. A replacement goatskin is included with the price. If you need instructions on how to replace a drum head, check out this DVD: How to Re-Head a Djembe - DVD. Once the head is replaced you can play the drum as-is or take it on as a project and fix the inlay yourself. There are plenty of tutorials online about this cool decorative technique.

Size: Medium, Approx. 22 in. Tall x 12 in. Head
Wood: Lenke
Origin: Ivory Coast
Skin: Goat

By purchasing this djembe, you will help support communities and craftsmen in Africa.


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