Schlagwerk Cajonito

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DC 300 Schlagwerk Cajonito
Dimensions: 29,5 x 21 x 15 cm, incl. muffling pad inside

Two different playing surfaces:
1. with the original "Schlagwerk Quality Snaresound"Ν
2. with assertive Quintosound

Small and sensational - it's unbelievable how many sound variations this little Cajon alternative offers. One laying surface with Quinto sound, and one with snare sound - not to mention an incredible amount of substance. In addition you have the frames, which, with the right finger technique, produce accented beats. This treasure chest is topped off with a sound-hole which invites a "wah-wah" effect.

About Schlagwerk Percussion
Schlagwerk Percussion has a 25 year history of manufacturing the professional German-made musical instruments. Through these years of innovation and experience, the company has laid the foundation for the most successful percussion instrument in recent years with the introduction of the first Schlagwerk Cajon. In the early 90s, the Cajon la Perú set the standard for sound and quality of the modern Cajon. This resulted in increasing international demand for Schlagwerk Percussion.


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3 Reviews

  • Posted by (Charlottesville, VA) on 28th Jul 2014


    New Toy

    I have traditional bongos, but this takes portability to a new level. This is a fun little toy!

  • Posted by Boomer on 14th Jul 2014


    Cajonito for the traveler

    Don't expect the same experience playing as you do on a full size Cajon. Highs and snare are awesome. Tone is very nice. As expected with a tiny box, there is no bass. However, if you go to music festivals and are tired of hauling around the full sized Cajon, this little brother does the trick, providing backing rhythm, without breaking your back. Try it with brushes, either nylon or metal, and you get a sound comparable to brushes on a real snare drum. Sclhlagwerk does a beautiful job producing this instrument, very nicely crafted and finished.

  • Posted by Bev Stanton on 11th Jul 2014


    Wonderful instrument!!!

    I have a full-size cajon but desired this because i take the subway everywhere and wanted to be more mobile. This doesn't carry the bass but one side has an impressive conga sound. The other side is a nice snare cajon. There are lots of variations you can get slapping the sides. I LOVE IT. Responds delightfully to finger taps. You can shove a mic in the soundhole if you are playing with punks who want to run you through an amp.