Sabian Cymbals

Sabian Cymbals, one of the best known names in cymbal manufacturing, is one of the top cymbal makers in the world. Based in Canada, the company was created after the Zildjian family of cymbal makers split in two, resulting in an ongoing competition for the most innovation and superior sonic standards in cymbals. In this rivalry, the artist wins with incredible cymbal choices.

Dozens of famous musicians use Sabian cymbals as their percussion of choice. Neil Peart of Rush and Dave Weckl have both helped to design Sabian lines and use Sabian. Chad Smith of the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Mike Portnoy of Dream Theater, Bill Ward of Black Sabbath and Phil Collins in both Genesis and his solo work have used Sabian cymbals.

The HH line of cymbals is based on the design of K Zildjian cymbals. The second of the original Sabian cymbals is the Automated Anvil (AA), which is the inaugural machine-made bell-bronze cymbal.

Sabian's line of student level cymbals is called Bronze Beginnings and come in two series: and B8 Pro. These cymbals are made from the B8 bronze alloy, which is mostly copper. Sabian also makes a line called Solar, which are their most affordable brass alloy cymbals.

The modern line of Sabian cymbals is designed for more experienced players. The Xs20, APX, AAX and HHX series are all part of the modern line. Xs20 cymbals are made with the B20 bronze alloy, which is Sabian's bronze alloy for professional sound. The APX is the most recent in the modern line, and is made of B8 alloy, giving the cymbal a high pitched tone. The AAX series is similar in tone to the AA series, but are crafted to make a more consistent sound and volume. The HHX series is based on the vintage HH line, uses the same technology with a modernized sound, and is known as the Modern Dark.

Professionals can look to the Vault and Paragon series of cymbals for the highest level of quality and innovation.

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