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Michael Pluznick Signature Eco Pro Djembe, 12x24

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After a year of extensive research and development, Michael Pluznick released his new signature Eco Pro Djembe Drums. X8 Drums is the exclusive distributor of these pro-level djembes in the United States and we are very excited about the sound and build quality of this model.

Michael Pluznick has been recording with a variety of musicians with great pleasure and success for over 25 years. He has collaborated with Todd Rundgren, Jerry Garcia and Mickey Hart ( both of The Grateful Dead),Clarence Clemmons (Bruce Springsteen), Raul Rico (Santana) and Jim Chappell, among others.

Designed and manufactured in Bali, Michael worked closely with master carvers and artisans to create a djembe drum that he believes rivals most high-end African made drums in sound, look and definitely 100% in quality. One of the major upgrades to this drum is additional carving on the inside of the drum which creates a larger "choke" or opening for the sound to exit from. The choke should always be larger then your fist size when placed in the opening.

He also added a bicycle tire to the bottom of the drum to protect your floors, other peoples floors, to stop the drum from whacking and splitting and to make it easier to hold when you are drumming sitting down. Once you try a drum with a tire on the bottom you will want one on whatever drum you are playing.

Legally Harvested Wood

Michael's goal in making this signature drum was to try and design an "eco" drum from "good wood" and also to make a drum that looks, sounds and feels like the best west African drums at a price of almost half their cost.

The trees used in manufacturing these drums are replanted and it is regulated and observed closely. The wood that these drums use cost twice as much as the "smuggled" and illegal wood, but to Michael it is worth the cost to try to at least be conscious about it.

Kiln Dried

The Eco Pro djembes are kiln dried and tested for humidity and moisture. This prevents long term problems with the shell cracking or changing shape over time.

The Sound

Please watch the videos and see for yourself. These drums have full rich tone, deep bass and a snappy high with slaps that really "POP"! The larger 13" drum is really remarkable in that it covers so much ground. You can use it as a solo drum, accompaniment drum or anywhere in between. Because of the remarkable strength of the wood and roping methods you can pull these drums as tight as you want. They won't warp like some lighter drums do.

The smaller drum at 12" is still a nice size, relatively light in weight and has remarkable presence and projection of sound. Despite being a screamer on the high end (if you crank it up), it still has a lot of deep full bass and rich thick tone.

Additional Features

Some of the unique features are the top roped mounting system simple rope loops for mounting your Casanka Sank. The MP Eco drum also comes with a rubber tire bottom which for Michael is a must for not only keeping the drum in place on any surface but also for protecting your floors!

Sizes Available:

Please note that each drum is hand-carved, by master carvers, and sizes will tend to slightly fluctuate. No two drums are exactly alike which makes each one a unique work of art.

25-26" Tall x 13-14" Head << SOLD OUT
24" Tall x 12" Head

Not sure about the size? Read Which Size Djembe is Right for Me?

Need help tuning? Watch our video, How to Tune a Djembe.

All X8 Djembes come with a FREE Djembe DVD! Learn to Tune and play your new drum with two complimentary lessons by X8 Drums. Full details

Drum Features:

  • Legally Harvested, Environmentally Sustainable Mahogany wood, One-piece, solid shell construction
  • Government Certification Process
  • Top roped mounting system simple rope loops for mounting your Casanka Sank
  • Rubber tire bottom
  • Premium selected goatskin drumheads, unbleached heads for authentic look and sound.
  • 3 ring system at the head for more stable tuning and elimination of skin slippage
  • Forged steel neck ring, with built-in groove that is custom fitted to lock the ring system into place
  • Carved rim to stabilize bottom ring for precise, long-lasting tuning.
  • Lathe turned for uniform thickness
  • Lateral groove/rough surfaced carvings on interior bowl to reduce overtones
  • Temperature controlled storage environment
  • Shells are kiln dried with up to 20 coats of teak oil to protect and preserve the wood.
  • Professional drum techs on staff ready to service your djembe
Item ID:

"X8 Drums Hand Percussion: 1-Year Limited
X8 Drums & Percussion Djembes: 3 month limited on shell only


This warranty extends only to defects in materials or workmanship as limited above and does not extend to any product which has been lost or discarded, by accident or improper maintenance; or which has been altered; or which has been repaired or modified by a non-authorized person or company. This warranty does not apply to any owner other than the original purchaser; any defects caused by reasonable use, neglect, moisture and/or temperature extremes, handling, shipping or accidents; natural wood finishes or normal color changes of wood or shell covering material. Under this warranty repair or replacement of parts is the only remedy, and loss of use of the products, loss of time, inconvenience or consequential damages are not covered.

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    Posted by DrumDr on 30th Jul 2014

    Great sound, deep bass, clear tones, cracking slaps. This drum is capable of playing very loud as well as softly.
    It's tuned very tight, and very responsive to the touch. There's a slight 'ping', but I think I can loosen it. I'm enjoying it a lot, so I haven't stopped to unwrap the extra rope and take a diamond out. Gorgeous carving, perfectly round head with a nice bearing edge, wood is nice and heavy. Beautifully symmetrical. The ropework is AWESOME, even spacing and a perfectly level head with lots of extra rope. This was made using the 3 ring method so the skin is tucked between the shell and the verticals.
    The rubber 'foot' is a great touch!
    One thing, the head has a inked logo stamped on it... Not a deal breaker, it can be scratched off.
    It's a great sounding drum. I'm glad I bought it.

    Shipping was quick, packing was superb. It arrived about a week after being ordered (only 4 days in transit). Staff was friendly and helpful.

  2. Gorgeous!

    Posted by Alain M. on 30th Jul 2014

    Beautiful to look at and and the sound is awesome. A couple caliber's above the drum I've been playing. Carvings, color and of course the rubber tire bottom - nice. But really the sound is pristine. Crisp and deep. Warning - this drum is heavy!

  3. Excellent all round

    Posted by Rebecca Hughes on 16th Jul 2014

    Bought for my boyfriend as a surprise. He has been playing drums for years and he was delighted with this djembe. He was pleased with how well it was made (apparently the skin was on the drum very evenly providing good tone!), the range of sound he can get from the drum and he liked the tyre protecting the base.
    He was also glad that the drum was made from reliably sourced wood.

    I don't know anything about drums and could not ask him for help so the explanations on the website were very useful. I was also needing to have it shipped internationally, and when I ordered I had had some problems. However I was greatly assisted by x8drums, they were prompt and helpful and dealt with my issues.

    For a total novice at drums I managed to get a really good purchase from here, and would definitely recommend them to anyone else.

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