Meinl Travel Cajon

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Practice and perfect your cajon playing techniques anytime, anywhere! The Meinl Travel Cajon features a compact, lightweight design that’s easy to take with and play when you’re on the go, especially in places where you need to keep volume to a minimum like hotels, coffee cafés and airports.

Perfectly sized for travel, this compact cajon is small enough to tuck inside suitcase, backpack or messenger bag, so it’s easy to pack up and pull out at a moment’s notice. It’s great for a last-minute rehearsal, portable practice session or whenever you feel like jamming. Just set it in your lap and start tapping away. It’s loud enough so you can hear what you’re knocking out, but quiet enough so that the volume doesn’t disturb others nearby. Like all cajons, the travel cajon is designed for all types of music, including rock, pop, jazz, hip hop and more so it never boxes you in, musically speaking.

Designed and built to last by Meinl artisans, this take-anywhere drum is crafted of eco-friendly rubber wood with a matte black finish and features crisply toned internal snares and a sound port for clear projection.


  • Internal snare wires
  • Compact design
  • Sound port for clear sound projection
  • Great way to practice cajon techniques while on the go


  • Rubber Wood (Hevea brasiliensis Muell.-Arg.)


  • Matte

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1 Reviews

  • Posted by Lisbon, OH United States on 11th Jul 2014


    Meinl Travel Cajon

    I bought 2 of these, one for myself and one for a friend.

    They sound good, although one has much more of a rattly snare sound, and does not produce as different of tones as the other.

    They are good for what they are. I bought a travel bag to protect mine, which sure makes it handier to transport.