Meinl String Cajon - Makah Burl w/ Bag

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  • Meinl String Cajon - Makah Burl w/ Bag
  • Meinl String Cajon - Makah Burl w/ Bag
  • Meinl String Cajon - Makah Burl w/ Bag
  • Meinl String Cajon - Makah Burl w/ Bag
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The Makah-Burl String Cajon features a Makah-Burl frontplate with a resonating body made of rubber wood. Like Meinl's other cajon designs, the string cajon has adjustable top corners to control the amount of crash emitted by your instrument. Tightening the screws will muffle the noise, whereas loosening the screws strengthens the crash String cajons have vinyl wires spanning the inside of the frontplate, which creates the traditional "sizzle" effect. Drummers can regulate the tension of the metal wires, which changes the strength of the sizzle. The vibration of these strings delivers a rattle that sounds both crisp and dry. The innovative integrated string mute system used by the Meinl cajons provides for consistent sound and easy adjustments. As an added bonus, the Makah-Burl String Cajon comes with a nylon Cajon Bag for comfortable transport. You can look forward to your next performance with this bag that keeps your cajon safe, dent-free, and easily moved. This attention to comfort is echoed in the Meinl cajon design staple: the padded seat. Get ready for hours of practice; you're not going to want to get up. Meinl cajons have great projection and attractive frontplates, ensuring that your cajon will be the best looking in the band. In no time at all, you'll be moving up to the ranks of Norah Jones, Seth Lakeman, and The Coronas, who have all begun using the cajon in the recording of their latest albums.

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