Meinl Pickup Snare Cajon - American White Ash

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The Meinl Pickup Cajon with snare wires with American White Ash frontplate and Siam Oak resonating body offers some of the best in pickup snare cajons. These drums are equipped with the DST pickup microphone and the A1.2 preamp system with volume control from B-Band.

The pickup system is light in mass and adds very minimal weight to the instrument. The system includes a specially designed preamp, high quality endpin output jack and a durable 9-volt battery. This creates an amazingly clear and pure sound reproduction that provides comfortable and easy handling in live situations. All the musician has to do is plug in and play.

The Meinl Pickup Cajon with American White Ash frontplate has internal adjustable snare wires as well as adjustable top corners, allowing for a wide variety of sound options. It also is complete with a padded sitting surface for maximum performance comfort.

Plug in and play like your favorite artists, whether they're Destiny's Child, Los Lobos, or Norah Jones, all of whom have used the Cajon for performances. The Cajon is becoming a popular percussion instrument in all kinds of musical genres, anywhere from flamenco to alternative rock to country.


  • Frontplate: American White Ash
  • Resonating body: Siam Oak


  • Dimensions: 19-3/8"H x 11-1/2"L x 11-3/4"D
  • DST pickup microphone
  • Active A1.2 preamp system with volume control from B-Bandâ¨
  • Adjustable top corners
  • Internal, adjustable snare wires
  • Padded sitting surface
  • Wide sound options
  • Matte Finish


  • 9-volt battery

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1 Reviews

  • Posted by Michael M on 10th Jul 2014


    Great convenience, adequate tone

    Although you can never get the best tone without using a good mic on a fully acoustic cajon, this fits the bill for our regional band. It sets up easy and for 2-3 songs during our live performances, works just fine. This was my second one, so I now have dedicated instruments for our country band and our traveling music ministry as well.