Meinl Floatune Djembe - 12" Zebra Finished Ash

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The Meinl Floatune Djembe is modeled after the West African originals. Deep, round-sounding bass notes complimented by crisp tones and slaps are produced by this drum. The proportions of this drum provide higher, brighter tones and slaps, while retaining a clear, full bass note.

Watch a demonstration of the 12" Meinl Floatune Djembe

Meinl Floatune Series Wood Djembes are full sized djembes with a strong voice. The hand selected Meinl True Skin is natural goat for comfort and for an authentic sound. The bass notes are deep and round giving you a solid bottom-end. The slaps and the tones are clean and crisp.

The floatune tuning system brings out the natural resonance of the wooden shell while 6 steel lugs make tuning a snap.

The Floatune Wood Djembe comes with the Meinl SSR (Safe and Sound Rim). It offers sturdy construction, curved for comfort and chrome plated for durability.

The rubber boot at the bottom protects your drum from dirt and everything else that can damage it.

The Floatune Wood Djembe has pads on the sides of the bowl for your comfort. And you won't have to worry about the djembe trying to slip away from you.


  • North American Ash Wood


  • True Skin Goat Heads
  • 8 mm strong tuning lugs
  • 3 mm rounded SSR-Rims
  • Easy tuning and comfortable change of heads
  • Rubber pads and lug placement offer perfect playing comfort
  • Floatune Tuning System
  • Chrome plated hardware
  • Color: Zebra Finished Ash


  • Accessory pouch
  • L-shaped tuning key
  • Tune Up Oil

Extra Information

12 in. x 24 in.