Meinl Bongo Cajon

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Part bongo/ Part cajon - it's like having two drums in one! Hold the Meinl Bongo Cajon between your legs like a bongo or set it in your lap and take it away. Its combination of high and low pitches on a level playing surface and good volume projection make the bongo cajon perfect for any type of music including Latin, pop, rock, jazz and more. Plus, it's just a lot of fun to play.

Although the drum produces a complex mix of sounds and rhythms, it has a very simple design. Two internal chambers provide two separate and distinct pitch areas on the playing surface to give your hand strokes more depth and dimension. The larger compartment delivers the deeper tones, while the smaller side delivers complementary lower tones. It's this dual compartment design that offers better balance and gives you a wider range of sound to explore and incorporate into your music.

The bongo cajon is sturdy, strong and completely portable, crafted of sustainably grown and earth-friendly Siam oak wood with a natural finish and a rich, ebony playing surface. The drum's compact and lightweight size makes it comfortable to play in any setting, and it's easy to carry back and forth between jam sessions, practices and live gigs.


  • Siam Oak


  • High- and low pitch playing surface
  • Compact size and light weight
  • Matte Finish
  • Color: Super Natural

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2 Reviews

  • Posted by sl ramsey on 14th Jul 2014


    drum review

    Outstanding value for the money! Sounds terrific and easy to transport to any circle!

  • Posted by Robert Bennett on 11th Jul 2014


    Meinl Bongo Cajon

    Good sound (like bongo) and good build. Plays nicely and can get surprisingly loud.