Meinl Bass Pedal Cajon

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The Meinl Bass Pedal Cajon is the ultimate percussion instrument for artistic expression. Adjustable snare wires allow a wide range of sounds and great bass tones to be played on this box drum. A special foot pedal attached to the bottom of the cajon allows the musician to adjust the amount of pressure used to press the snare wires against the ebony front plate. This enables the musician to change settings of the snare wires virtually hands free with no interruption, making two-handed rhythms much easier to perform. This feature can also be turned off completely.

The Meinl Bass Pedal Cajon is larger than standard Meinl Cajons, giving it more projection and bass frequencies. Adjustable top corners also allow the musician to control the sound of the Cajon.

The Meinl Bass Pedal Cajon comes in a matte-finished ebony with a rubber wood resonating body. It also features a padded sitting surface for performance comfort.

Watch the video above for a look at Stephan Maass, a master in cajon drumming, demonstrating all that the Meinl bass pedal cajon can offer.

The Meinl cajon is becoming a very popular percussion instrument and is being used in multiple genres anywhere from country to alternative rock. Rock out with the Cajon like some of your favorite artists, like Fleetwood Mac, Destiny's Child, or the Violent Femmes.


  • Frontplate: Ebony
  • Resonating body: Siam Oak


  • 19-3/8"H x 11-1/2"L x 11-3/4"D
  • Foot pedal
  • Internal, adjustable snare wires
  • Great bass tones
  • Adjustable top corners
  • Padded sitting surface
  • Wide sound options
  • Matte Finish

For ease of practice, the Elm Wood Snare Cajon has a padded sitting surface to allow for longer and more comfortable performances, as well as rubber footing on the bottom, in order to prevent damage to floors, as well as the surface of the cajon during transport or use. Next time you go on tour, why not use the sound that is sweeping the nation, with artists from Pac de Lucia to the Dixie Chicks using Meinl Snare Cajons?



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    Moderately satisfied at best

    Posted by Todd Rose on 1st Aug 2014

    Good bass tone, good snare sound, pretty good separation between the two. Otherwise, pretty unresponsive. With the snare off, it sounds dull - not much woody ring to it at all. More like cardboard. The veneer isn't real ebony, it's a printed synthetic laminate. This should be stated in the product description! Aside from cheap looks, I'm sure it affects the sound. If it were real ebony, it would be more responsive (I'm a guitar maker, so I know a thing or two about this kind of thing). I plan to make a new face plate out of baltic birch. The spring in the snare adjustment makes extraneous noise when playing. The pedal doesn't work well enough to justify the design. Finally, the face plate was missing one screw; other screws are poorly installed. I expected better quality. I will be able to make good use of this cajon until I replace it with something better (which I will probably make myself), but, I would suggest that other buyers try a Schlagwerk.