Meinl Artisan Edition Mizhar 18"x4å¥ÌÛ_å¥ÌÛ_å¥ÌÛ_å¥ÌÛ_å¥ÌÛ___å¥ÌÛ_å¥ÌÛ_å¥ÌÛ__å¥ÌÛ__å¥ÌÛ_å¥ÌÛ_å¥ÌÛ_å¥ÌÛ_å¥ÌÛ_å¥ÌÛ_å¥ÌÛ____"å¥ÌÛ_å¥ÌÛ_å¥ÌÛ_å¥ÌÛ_å¥ÌÛ___å¥ÌÛ_å¥ÌÛ_å¥ÌÛ__å¥ÌÛ__å¥ÌÛ_å¥ÌÛ_å¥ÌÛ_å¥ÌÛ_å¥ÌÛ__å¥ÌÛ_å¥ÌÛ_å¥ÌÛ_å¥ÌÛ_å¥ÌÛ_å¥ÌÛ_å¥ÌÛ__å¥ÌÛ__å¥ÌÛ_å¥ÌÛ_

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Originally from Syria, this ancient instrument provides harmonic and rhythmic foundation to the ensemble. In the new MEINL Artisan Edition Mizhars we have used the highest grade hides available ‰ÛÒ selected for uniform thickness to give consistent warm tone and response. A special designed bearing edge invented by Norbert Eckermann ensures deep dums and crisp taks (teks). FEATURES: Special designed bearing edge (patent pending), Using highest grade hides available, Internal tuning system, Thumb Hole Grip, Hot-branded logo inside of the shell. SIZE: 18 in. DEPTH: 4 in. MATERIAL: Siam Oak (Hevea brasiliensis Muell.-Arg.), Hand selected goat head

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