Meinl Artisan Edition Mizhar, 14 in.

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A quality-crafted, modern version of an ancient Syrian percussion instrument, Meinl's Artisan Edition Mizhars are designed to give musical ensembles a harmonic and rhythmic foundation. Selected for uniform thickness, the instrument's goat hide drum heads deliver consistent warm tone and response while a unique bearing edge designed by Norbert Eckermann creates deep dums and crisp taks. The matte-finished rubber wood shell in rich walnut brown features a thumb hole grip and an internal tuning system, which is easily adjusted using the included allen wrench.


  • 14 in. drum head
  • Measures 4" in height
  • Highest grade goat hide drum head
  • Rubber wood shell with thumb hole grip and matte finish
  • Internal tuning system
  • Includes allen wrench
  • Hot-branded logo inside of shell

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