Meinl Artisan Edition Djembe 14" Rama Sita Carving

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Each Meinl Rama Sita Deluxe Djembe is a unique work of art. The Rama Sita Djembe is hand-carved from a solid, plantation-grown mahogany log. The hand drum's surface is exquisitely engraved with figures from the Ramayana-the epic Hindu legend and love story of Rama and Sita. Meinl has made sure the the Rama Sita Djembe sounds as good as it looks with hand-selected goat-skin heads, and top-quality, pre-stretched HTP rope. - Hand-carved from a solid, plantation-grown mahogany log - One-of-a-kind engraving depicting characters from the Ramayana26" high, 14" diameter head - Hand-selected goat-skin head - Pre-stretched HTP rope tuned

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14" x 26"