Meinl 8-Inch Steel Mountable Snare Timbale

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Enhance your sound with unique sound effects by adding the 8-Inch Steel Mountable Drummer Snare Timbale from Meinl to your setup. This 8" snare timbale delivers a crisp snare effect with a positive snare throw-off that's fast yet simple. For a superior sound, the drum features a quick snare on/off system with a special bracket designed to hold the snare wires quiet for a chatter-free "off" position. As advanced in design as it is in sound, the 8-inch Steel Mountable Drummer Snare Timbale can easily be added on to an existing setup using its strong mounting clip designed for optimal strength and security. A black finish on the steel drum creates a versatile look that both professional percussionists and amateur rockers will appreciate.

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