Meinl 13 in. Taku Hirano Signature Hand-Bale Black

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The Meinl Artist Series Taku Hirano Signature Hand-Bale has a uniquely crafted retaining rim. One half is traditionally shaped, and the other half is recessed below the drum head. This opens the timbale to bongo-style hand techniques that easily produce an unmistakably crisp timbale sound. Stick techniques are possible on the traditionally rimmed portion of the drum. A special stand (584931) is available Taku Hirano wanted to add timbale accents and fills while playing on congas and multi-percussion setups, without needing sticks. Meinl's Artist Series Signature Hand-Bale now makes that possible. No sticks? No problem! Cracking timbale fills at your fingertips . . ." Uniquely shaped retaining rim: one half traditionally shaped, one half recessed below shellWorks with hand or stick techniques