Meinl 10 in. Wood Pandeiro w/ Hand Hammered Brass Jingles

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Meinl's 10-Inch Rubber Wood Pandeiro with Hand Hammered Brass Jingles and Goat Skin Head in African brown combines traditional and modern components to bring you an innovative percussion instrument with an authentic sound.

Measuring 10" in diameter, this pandeiro features a rubber wood shell finished in earthy matte African brown and topped with a hand-selected goat head to produce that authenticity that sets this pandeiro apart from the rest. Hand-hammered brass jingles built within the shell add color to the pandeiro's sound while enhancing the drum's visual appearance.

As superior in design as it is in sound, the pandeiro features a unique internal lug tuning system that not only frees the exterior surface of the shell from hardware but creates a lightweight feel for easier playing.

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