Master Edition Blues Harmonica in C Diatonic

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Master Edition Blues Harmonica in C Diatonic - incl. soft case and cleaning cloth


The CASCHA Master Edition Blues Harmonica is the first choice for ambitious harmonica players who value aesthetics and sound. Elegant design and impressive tone characteristics ensure enthusiasm right from the start. The special phosphor bronze reedplates are more sensitive than comparable copper reeds. They respond more easily and thus allow for more detailed playing. Every nuance of the sound is brought to bear. The Blues harmonica is tuned in C major - this is the most popular version of the harmonica. No matter if solo playing or in combination with other instruments: Thanks to its high-quality workmanship, the CASCHA Master Edition Blues Harmonica sounds clear and excellent in all pitches. The included cleaning cloth and the high-quality soft case complete the package.


  • High quality harmonica with phosphor bronze reed plates
  • Easy response, warm and powerful sound
  • Noble look with black finish
  • Tuning: C major diatonic
  • Incl. soft case and care cloth

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