A traditional instrument of Zimbabwe, the marimba is similar to the xylophone but with a more resonant and lower pitch range. Marimbas feature wooden keys that players strike with mallets to produce musical tones amplified by resonators below the bars. Despite having an origin that dates back several centuries ago, the marimba continues to have a place in modern music. From solo performances to marimba concertos to jazz ensembles, modern musicians have found plenty of uses for this unique instrument.

Part of our collection of instruments of Zimbabwe, the marimbas offered at X8 Drums are of the finest quality around. In fact, the Rattletree marimbas in our collection are crafted right here in Austin, TX. These customizable marimbas can feature traditional African tunings or standard Western tunings. Whichever tuning and other customizations you choose, you’re guaranteed an authentic, quality-crafted African marimba designed to fit your playing needs.

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