Marching Snare Drums

The snare drum is an essential piece to any percussion set up, including the drumline of a marching band. But not just any snare drum will do. You need a snare that’s specially designed to project crisp notes through spacious indoor and outdoor performance environments. X8 Drums makes it easy to find the right snare with an extensive collection of marching snare drums.

We’ve hand selected marching snares from top brands, including Pearl, Ludwig, and Adam Percussion, to ensure your drum line has the best in sound and quality. Each drum is specially designed to deliver powerful volume and maximum articulation that cut through every layer of sound, from the other instruments in the band to the roar of the crowds in the stands. Whether you’re joining the high school marching band or part of a competitive drum corp, X8 Drums has quality marching snare drums for every playing level.

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