LP Aspire Jamjuree Bongos

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Latin Percussion has introduced the Jamjuree Aspire Bongos as the latest style available in their beginner level bongo drum selection. The unique Jamjuree wood finish showcases the natural tonality of the wood used and each set will look slightly different making each one unique!

We recommend the Aspire bongos for new players starting out that want to explore the instrument without too much of a monetary investment. These drums are also a top pick for classrooms, youth groups and church music rooms.

  • Made of exotic Jamjuree (Siam Walnut)
  • 15% lighter in weight than Siam Oak
  • Natural gold and deep, rich walnut grain
  • Finished with a satin-like, matte lacquer
  • 6 3/4" & 8" heads, Ez-Curve rims & Cuban style, steel bottoms
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