LP Aspire Conga Set with Bongos, Mount and DVD

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We recommend the Aspire congas for new players starting out that want to explore the instrument without too much of a monetary investment. These drums are also a top pick for classrooms, youth groups and church music rooms.

As a special offer, the conga set is being paired with matching bongos, a slide mount for the bongos to attach to the conga stand and an Introduction to Congas DVD. This is a great package deal to get you on your way to conga playing!

  • Delivers stunning tones and resonance
  • Natural Finish with Gloss Lacquer
  • 10" & 11" Natural rawhide heads
  • 2-Ply, 28" tall shell with EZ-Curve Rims
  • Includes LPA244S LPA Slide Mount Conga Stand
  • Matching bongos have 6 3/4" & 8" heads, Ez-Curve rims & Cuban style, steel bottoms
  • DVD: An Introduction to Hand Percussion, Vol. 1: Congas: Congas Video
    Wilson "Chembo" Corniel teaches how to assemble three types of conga stands, how to tune the congas, what pitch is appropriate for each size of conga, the four basic hits (open, closed, slap, and muff), special accents and sounds, and more. You will learn how to play a basic tumbao pattern and how to master cha cha, mambo, bolero, bomba, and 6/8, as well as how to play with one, two, or more congas.

Package includes: LPA646-AW, LPA244S, LPA601-AW, LPVC101D

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