Hagstrom HII Series 6 String Electric Guitar - White Gloss

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The H-II were introduced in 1965, so 2015 marks the 50th anniversary of these iconic guitars. Known for their quirky switches and easy playability, they quickly achieved wide popularity. A comfortably profiled Canadian Maple neck is bolted to a hand-selected American Alder body insuring that the original attack and ÒbiteÓ of the H-II is maintained. The classic 6-in-line Hagstrom headstock design, used for the first production of H-IIs and H-IIIs, has been slightly updated, and the ÒVintage TremarÓ has been re-engineered for functional improvements without sacrificing its original appearance. Hagstrom has taken great care in recreating the original pickups, and the new ÒRetro-SÓ pickups do an excellent job of matching the originalsÕ sonic glory. Gain-shaping functionality is enhanced by incorporating HagstromÕs new RC-Circuit into the volume control, which allows for volume reduction without the loss of that high frequency ÒshimmerÓ.

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