Gretsch 130th Anniversary 4-piece Brooklyn Drum Kit

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Gretsch knows how to celebrate their birthday. This Grestsch 130th anniversary Brooklyn Kit is a beautiful, functional kit with the signature anniversary internal shell labels and signed Certificate of Authenticity (only for 2013). The special Pewter Sparkle Nitron finish creates an amazing effect as it slightly reflects the surrounding colors of its environment to produce subtle variations in hue and shade. This is a "player's" kit meant for smooth grooves in a variety of styles. Featuring the 6-ply Gretsch formula Maple/Poplar shell on the 18"x22" Bass, 8"x12" Tom, 14"x16" Floor Tom, and 5.5"x14" Snare, this 4-piece is all you need to lay the groove nicely on stage or in the studio.


  • 6-ply Gretsch formula Maple/poplar shell with Pewter Sparkle Nitron finish
  • Gretsch Permatone by Remo with 130th Anniversary logos
  • 30-degree bearing edge
  • Gretsch "302" 3.0mm, double flanged Snare/Tom hoops
  • Satin Black with matching Pewter Sparkle inlays Bass drum hoops
  • Chome hardware

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