Gon Bops Tumbao Series 13" Steel w/Guiro Hoop, incl. L-Rod & TB13 Mount

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The Gon Bops Tumbao 13"Ν Timbales are fine crafted instruments which produce warm, resonant tone and a brighter cascara than the other Timbales.

This model features guiro hoops, high-quality stainless steel shells for bight, vibrant cascara, a Gon Bops Timbale mounting bracket, and a TB12 mounting bracket for easy attachment to your drum set.

These Timbales are versatile instruments and can be used for all styles: Jazz, Rock, Latin, and more. Perfect for the world percussionist or multi-instrumentalist.

The Tumbao Timbales are sold separately without stand, bells, or accessories.

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