Gon Bops Marimbula

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The Marimbula is a traditional Afro-Cuban instrument. Its deep, mellow tones are often used as a substitute for bass in acoustic ensembles. Made in Peru from beautiful Mohena, it looks as beautiful as is sounds.

CJMARIM Gon Bops Marimbula

  • Comes with free fitted heavy duty gig bag
  • Built from Gorgeous Peruvia Mohena.
  • Traditional folk musical instrument of the Caribbean Islands.
  • Play the box frame like a cajon drum and blend in sounds from the wide metal keys.
  • The marimbula is intended to provide the rhythmic and harmonic support for an ensemble, although it can produce the lead melody as well.
  • Dimensions: Approx. 10.75"L x 30.75"W x 19.75"H
  • Weight: Approx. 18 lb

The Gon Bops Difference
All Gon Bops Cajons are proudly handcrafted by Gon Bops Artisans in Alex Acuó±a's homeland of Peru. Each Cajon is handcrafted from select indigenous hardwoods for studio-quality sound and optimal playability.

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