Gon Bops California Series Bass Bongo

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The Gon Bops California Series Bass Bongo is Solid Stave Appalachian Red Oak drums made in the California Custom Shop by seasoned craftsmen.

Sizes available:
Bongo Drum Set: 7 & 8.5" (available separately)
Bass Bongo: 9.75"

Colors Available: Dark Mahogany or Natural

The Uncompromising Gon Bops California Series
How do you build the finest Latin instruments in the world? You begin with only the finest, hand-selected air-dryed, quarter-sawn Red Appalachian Oak. Each stave is meticulously cut and bent by hand. Steel rings are hammered into place, and the staves are cured for months. The shells are hand-glued, hammered into shape again and turned by an Artisan who has made the shells in this traditional fashion for over 20 years. By the time they are hand-sanded to a baby-soft finish, a whole year has passed.

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