Gon Bops Bucket Shekere

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Based on the Xequebalde, a Brazilian folk instrument, the new Gon Bops Bucket Shekere is the first of this instrument to be manufactured outside of Brazil. Quite literally a hybrid of a metal bucket and a shekere, the Bucket Shekere can be played in hand like a traditional shekere, or placed on a stand – a snare stand works perfectly – and played with brushes. Designed to be super light, for long-playing comfort, it provides a rich, warm percussive attack. It’s crafted from lightweight aluminum, and its shell stands 8” in height with a 12.5” opening.

  • Super-light for long playimng comfort
  • Provides a rich, warm percussive attack
  • Play it in hand like a traditional shekere
  • Can be mounted on snare stand to play with brushes

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