Gecko Painted Teak Wood Didgeridoo

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Video of the X8 Teak Didgeridoo. The model in this video is our black painted design but it is the same exact instrument, it just has a different exterior painting.

Hand crafted, all natural solid Teak Didgeridoo. This didgeridoo is heavier than bamboo models, approximately 51 inches in length and 3 1/2 inches in diameter, with a 1/4 inch  thickness. 

Recommended for beginners and advanced players this hand crafted didgeridoo is made from teak wood taken from government certified, sustainable wood plantations.

Each didgeridoo is kiln dried to protect and preserve the wood from weather damage. Hand bored, the solid teak wood instrument has incredible durability, longevity and beautiful, warm tones.


  • 51" long 

How to Play the Didgeridoo

The didgeridoo is played with lips that continuously vibrate to make the droning sound using a special breathing technique called circular breathing. This requires a person to breathe in through the nose while expelling air out of the mouth using the tongue and cheeks. By using circular breathing, a skilled didgeridoo player can fill up his lungs and hold a note for a very long time. There are recordings of some didgeridoo players playing for as long as forty minutes!

There are many different ways to play the didgeridoo to produce different musical tones. To produce the basic drone, you puff out your cheeks and push out your lips to blow air through your lips and allow them to vibrate and make a low pitched buzzing sound.

To create rhythms on the didgeridoo, you can bounce air through your buzzing lips, using your stomach muscles like you were expelling a belly laugh. You can also use your tongue to produce the same rhythm by putting the tip of your tongue just behind your upper front teeth and snap downward to mouth the word, "ta-ta-ta-ta." Another interesting rhythm can be produced on the didgeridoo by letting your cheeks puff out, squeezing them together slowly, and then allowing them to puff out again.

Lip shaping can produce various harmonies on the didgeridoo. Changing the shape of the opening between your two buzzing lips like you are whistling will produce a higher pitched sound. By mouthing vowels, you can produce various harmonies while droning.

Not sure where to start? We have experienced drum techs on staff that are happy to walk you through our entire selection to find the best didgeridoo for your needs.

Call us toll-free 1-800-771-9645. 

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  • Posted by Mab OConnor on 28th Jul 2014


    Quality always from X8

    Just received this item and could not be happier. X8 has super customer service.. fast delivery of high quality items. This Digeridoo is the newest addition to the wonderful other instruments we have purchased over the years from them... THANKS so much x8 :)