Galaxy - Hot Spot 7 Compact Vocal Monitor

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Lightweight and easy to pack, the Galaxy Hot Spot 7 Compact Vocal Monitor can also be used in conjunction with the Galaxy Audio Personal Monitor / PA system. Allowing for quick setup on top of any mic stand, this new design features the convenient bottom mic stand insert with a included mic stand adapter. The unit can be easily attached to any wall, ceiling, or mic stand thanks to the optional yoke bracket assembly. The microphone boom mount eliminates the need for a second mic stand (requires optional hardware). This set up is perfect for solo or duo performances, or for small stages with out a lot of space.


  • Integrated handle into the top of the enclosure
  • Each Hot Spot 7 comes equipped with two Speakon 1/4" Combo speaker jacks wired in parallel to allow easy daisy-chaining of multiple Hot Spots
  • Freq. response: 150Hz-18kHz
  • 16Ω Cabinet with Two NEOLITE 5-Inch Drivers
  • 200W continuous power rating

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