EMS Single Tray Victoria Music Stand

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This music stand is made of solid sheesham and has an adjustable height and tilt. It is designed by The Early Music Shop of Bradford England, one of the leading sellers of medieval, renaissance and baroque musical instruments. The stand opens to a full height of 70 inches, which is from the bottom of stand to top of music tray. Stand can be lowered and raised to the height you prefer and the height from bottom of stand to the bottom of tray ranges from 40.5 to 59 inches. The base measures 18.25 inches between the ends of the three beautiful carved claw feet that support the fully carved pillar. If the bottom were a circle, the diameter would be 22." The music tray has a lyre design and is made of sheesham and brass. The music tray is approximately 19.75 inches in width by 12.5 inches in height.

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