Drum Set Add-Ons

Drum set add-ons are accent instruments that can be attached to your existing drum set hardware. Instruments used as add-ons include blocks, tambourines, mini timbales and cowbells to name a few. With the introduction of the Quick Change Percussion Mount by Toca and the LP Mini Everything Rack, swapping out instruments is a breeze and you can attach one to each cymbal stand and create a rainbow of effects instruments on your drum set.

Be sure to check out the add-on kits that combine a sonically matched set of percussion instruments with a mount that is ready to rock right out of the box. Out favorite is the LP Matt Sorum Drum Pack that includes a cowbell, Stealth Jam Block and the great sounding Cyclops Tambourine.

If you are a drummer who sometimes needs to change up the tone of the performance, Mini Timbales can definitely do the trick. Showcase your timbale beats without having to set up an entirely separate station!