Drum Lesson Download: Brooms on Djembe

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Brooms on Djembe with Mike Meadows

In this lesson, Mike Meadows talks about brooms and applying them to djembe playing. While this is a modern technique, it does have a foundation in that his discovery of playing with brooms comes from his studies in Ghana where they used cut handle brooms to create rhythms by beating them on the floor.

The brooms used in this lesson are basic hand brooms that can be picked up at many local stores or you can find more unique brooms at craft fairs and flea markets.

Playing with brooms offers a unique new way to play your djembe outside of just playing with your hands in the traditional context.

Lesson begins with demonstration of several playing techniques, then how to use those techniques in grooves.


  • Background on playing with brooms
  • How to hold the brooms
  • Learn basic notes: Open Tone, Dead Tone, Muted Tone
  • Groove with the notes
  • Tips on how to accent the groove with variations
  • Create brush sounds and add them to the groove

This video is instructed by Mike Meadows of Swan Percussion.
Mike Meadows is a professional freelance percussionist, drummer, and background vocalist based in Austin,TX. He is also co-inventor of The Black Swan Drum and co-founder of Swan Percussion. The drum used in this lesson is the X8 Ramadan Pro Djembe.

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