Dream Chimes - 21 Bars

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Beautiful. Peaceful. Soothing. Soulful. There are lots of adjectives we could use to describe the gentle and melodic sounds this 21 Bar Dream Chime produces. You'll just call it amazing, maybe even dreamy.

But don't take our word for it. Attach the chimes to an outstretched arm on your drum kit and position so they are within easy striking distance. Now, whenever you need to lace your music with some tranquil accents or mystical tones, you'll have just the instrument you need right at hand.

Made from heavy-walled aluminum for outstanding tone and resonance, twenty-one hollow chimes are suspended from a bamboo bar cylinder and carefully sequenced by pitch and tone for easier play. Striking the bars individually or in a steady and measured rhythmic pattern produces warm, ethereal tones with a nice sustain that livens up your musical creations.

The natural bamboo bar is accented with tribal-inspired artwork and features a strong twine hanger for easy mounting. If you're looking to make beautiful music, look no further than this 21 Bar Dream Chime.


  • 21 highly polished bar chimes
  • Natural bamboo bar

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X8 Drums

1 Reviews

  • Posted by Debra Pena on 11th Jul 2014


    Love it!

    For the price this quite decent. I'm sure that it can last if taken care of and handled correctly with supervision.