X8 Drums Djembe Waist Strap / Messenger Bag Strap

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The X8 Drums Standard Djembe waist strap can be used to play your drum in the center of your body with the strap around your waist OR use the strap like a messenger bag and play the drum to the side. The unique clasp makes this strap easy to snap on and off.

To attach your drum to the strap you must first step into the strap and adjust the size so that it is snug around your waist or just above your hips. Now, clip the drum to the ropes or the metal hardware depending on the type of drum you are using. This strap is meant for lighter weight drums like the Toca Freestyle Djembes or smaller wooden drums. If you have a full size drum, please opt for the X8 Drums Pro Djembe Waist Strap as it has additional hardware to support the weight.

The standard strap is great for djembes, darbukas and many brazilian drums.

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  • Posted by Les on 11th Aug 2015


    Great waist strap

    Lots of adjustment on the strap. I'm pretty thin so I needed to adjust to the smallest setting.