De Gregorio Cajon Zambo

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The Zambo is two cajóns in one! Originally developed as part of a commission from London’s Ensemble Bash, the Zambo features the DG Snare Throwoff (pat.pend. n. BO2003A000172) which allows players to quickly engage or disengage the snares depending on the sound they want. The snare tension can be fine-tuned via two small screws located opposite the throw-off knob.The snare mechanism itself features nylon-wound strings for a sound which is mellower and more earthy in comparison to our steel-stringed cajóns. When the snares are disengaged, the Zambo takes on the sound of a typical Cuban cajón; woody and almost bongo-like.

The Zambo is constructed of birch plywood with a 3-ply, 3 mm birch front-plate for projection and sensitivity.

In cajón Zambo (pat.pend. n. BO2003A000172) the snare is original and patented. The mechanism slides through a steel rail placed on the right side, and it can be finely tuned on the other side by tightening two screws.

Its components can be easily taken off and set to the required tension. 

Made in Spain

Size: 12.5x12x19.5 in
Sides: 12 mm, 9 plies
Back: 6 mm, 5 plies
Front: 3 mm, 3 plies

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