Cymbal Sets

At X8 Drums, we want to make setting up your drum kit as easy as possible so that there’s nothing holding you back from rocking out. While choosing cymbals individually definitely adds a unique aspect to your sound and setup, cymbal packs offer quality sound and versatility while allowing for an easier setup. When you need to replace a cymbal or want to enhance your sound, simply add individual cymbals to your setup.

Cymbal packs are most ideal for beginners, drummers who play in a genre with a specific sound, or any percussionist looking for a simple, versatile setup. When you browse our collection, you’ll find a variety of cymbal packs, from effects packs to full cymbal sets for beginner drummers. No matter which set you choose, X8 Drums ensures that you get the best cymbals around by offering products from brands you trust to deliver quality and value.