Cymbal Bags

Cymbals can get banged around a lot during transport and even face potential damage when not stored appropriately. While scratches might only affect the physical appearance of your cymbals, other types of wear and tear and more serious damage, such as dents, can affect the sound of your cymbals. The best way to keep your cymbals looking pristine and sounding right is to store them in cymbal bags.

Cymbal bags not only protect your cymbals but make transporting them from gig to gig a breeze. Each cymbal bag offered at X8 Drums is quality crafted from durable materials, such as heavy duty nylon, for optimal protection. Other features, from built-in handles and shoulder straps to cymbal dividers and external pockets, ensure convenient and comfortable transport, enhanced protection from even the smallest of scratches, and versatile storage capabilities.

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