Cumbus Turkish Doumbek Head 22cm

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Cumbus translucent synthetic white replacement head with Mid-East logo on it that has a 8.5 inch playing surface (22 cm). Features crimped metal edging. The head is from the same manufactures of the Cumbus, the Family shop of Zeynel Abidin on Ataturk Bulvar in Istanbul. 

Item Specifications

Item Weight: .1 lbs.
Item Length: 9.1 Inches
Item Height: .5 Inches
Item Width: 9.1 Inches
Origin: TR
UPC: 844731052460

Shipping Specifications

Packed Weight: .6 lbs.
Ship Weight: .6 lbs.
Ship Length: 10 Inches
Ship Height: 10 Inches
Ship Width: 1 Inches

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