CaSela Zebrano Playing Surface (Replacement Front plate)

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The Sela Thin Splash playing surfaces make Sela Cajons unique. Produced in a special process, they offer maximum response and an optimum sound development. From the first touch, you can feel that the playing surfaces are particularly soft and thereby allow a fatigue-free playing.

Through the unique design of the CaSela models a subsequent replacement of the playing surface is possible. Since wood is a natural product, there are endless variations of the same veneer. The pre-selection in the Sela workshop ensures that only the finest veneer strips are used.

Drums unplugged - the CaSela Zebrano is THE drum replacement for your next acoustic session or club gig. The dry assertive bass and the clean highs give each groove that certain something. In addition, you have the perfect hi-hat sound with the Clap Corners.


  • Measurements: approx. 18.5" x 11.8 
  • Sela Thin Splash Playing Surface with high-grade veneer
  • Suitable for all CaSela models
  • Special adjustable Clap Corner sound
  • High quality production "Made in Germany"

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