Chandler Limited Mini Rack Mixer with PSU-2 Power Supply

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Up for sale is a Chandler Limited Mini Rack Mixer. Low serial number (000 022). It is in excellent operational condition and very good aesthetic condition. All buttons, knobs and lights work. The Mono button, which when depressed has a green color, is sometimes finicky with the light. The operation works, however the light sometimes doesn’t come on right away. I find if I just nudge the button it activates the color. I think it just needs a new bulb. Having the green light on wasn’t very important to me so I never changed it. Again, the mono function works when you depress the button without any issues. I’m just referring to the light. You can see in the photos all lights are working.


The Mini Rack Mixer will also come with an updated power supply. When I purchased the unit, there was an issue with the original power supply and VK gave me a new one (it’s now about three years old). Works great. Never had an issue with it. I keep the power supply on the floor under my recording desk as the power supply can run pretty hot and is heavy.


The Chandler Limited Mini Rack Mixer with Power Supply sells new for $7,660:


$7,250 - Mini Rack Mixer

$410 - Power Supply


Each channel has its own balanced transformer. 20 discrete amplifiers and 22 custom wound transformers. This thing is HEAVY!! It has tone for days and will glue your tracks together like butter. A producer of mine had a Vintage Neve Side cart and it reminds me of that in terms of that kind of tone, warmth, and glue.


The Mini Mixer has been my center section for years and has served me amazingly well. However, a tech friend of mine is going to build me a custom center section so I need to reallocate some money towards that new piece. If it wasn’t for my friend building me a custom center section, I wouldn’t be selling it. I really love it!!


Anyway, that’s the deal. Thanks…..  


Further Info:

The Chandler Limited Mini Mixer is the culmination of Chandlers experience working with many types of vintage, discrete circuits.  The Mini Rack Mixer traces its lineage back to several types of these amplifiers developed in the '60s and '70s that have been "Chandlerized" for modern usage.  Each Channel of the 16x2 Mixer is transformer balanced and driven by the New Chandler Line Amp, which borrows from Chandlers other products but has been redesigned for use in this mixer.  The Mini Mixer is jam packed with discrete amps and classic sound, 20 discrete amplifiers and 22 custom wound transformers in the unit, and delivering all the punch and tone you need for today's digital environment. In addition to the mixer section, the unit has a full featured Control Room section including Talkback, Speaker switching, Mute, Mono, Dim, External input (also used as an insert point), and separate Control Room and Stereo Buss outs. 


The Chandler Limited PSU-2 Power Supply is a 3-amp supply that powers the Chandler Limited Mini Rack Mixer.

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