Cascha Professional Blues Harmonica in C Diatonic

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Professional Blues Harmonica in C Diatonic - incl. soft case and cleaning cloth

The CASCHA blues harmonica offers professional quality for a small budget. Its fine appearance and easy handling guarantee lots of fun. The harmonica is not only perfect for ambitious musicians, it‘s also the best choice for beginners. The C major diatonic tuning is the most popular type used with blues harmonicas. It‘s a lot more difficult to play higher notes on a cheap instrument. Because of the high quality phosphor bronze reeds, the CASCHA harmonica offers a clean and brilliant sound in every pitch. Being an allround instrument, it can be played in a solo performance as well as in a duet with a guitar or ukulele. You can easily play single notes or multiple notes at the same time. The professional CASCHA blues harmonica incl. soft case and cleaning cloth is an instrument, which will guarantee you long-lasting pleasure. 

  • Key of C
  • 10 hole harmonica
  • High quality phosphor bronze reeds
  • Black with matte finish, Comb: Copper-colored
  • Incl. soft case and cleaning cloth




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