Cascha Melodica Blue

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Melodica Blue - incl. Case and Mouthpiece


The melodica by CASCHA is the ideal instrument for entering the world of music. Its simple playing technique makes it particularly suitable for children. You blow air into the melodica and play different notes by pressing the keys. The melodica is played with one hand and the mouthpiece. You can also place it on the table, connect the tube and play it with both hands at the same time.

Playing melodica can be learned quickly and easily. The present and well-balanced sound makes performing fun right from the start. The melodica is not only a children's instrument: experienced musicians can create impressive melodies with this wonderful wind instrument! The melodica is made of high quality plastic and can be stored in the included carrying bag. Whether used as an instrument at home or as a musical travel companion - melodicas by CASCHA guarantee hours of fun!


  • Beginner melodica with 32 keys, ideal for beginners
  • Robust body made of high-quality hygienic plastic
  • Incl. carrying bag for storage and safe transport
  • Incl. mouthpiece, flexible tube and practical hand strap
  • Range: f to c'''




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