Cascha Concert Ukulele Strings

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Concert Ukulele Strings - Fine Nylon .025 .032 .037 .026 (G C E A)


CASCHA premium strings for concert ukuleles are ideal for ukulele players who value quality and sound. The strings are made of high quality nylon and crafted with excellent workmanship. The result is an impressive sound: The warm and clear tone impresses every ukulele fan right away. The excellent playability ensures maximum fun when practicing or performing. The CASCHA concert ukulele strings have a good grip and create a balanced sound. Like all CASCHA products, the ukulele strings are produced to the highest manufacturing standards to ensure long durability, high quality and maximum playing pleasure.

The included string strengths are ideal for professionals and beginners alike:

1st A: .025
2nd E:: .032
3rd C: .037
4th G: .026


  • One set of premium strings for concert ukuleles
  • 4 high quality nylon strings
  • Impressive warm and clear sound
  • Guaranteed playing pleasure due good grip, long-lasting sustain and excellent intonation
  • Tuning: G C E A


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