Cascha Classical Guitar Strings

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Classical Guitar Strings - Normal Tension .028 .032 .040 .030 .035 .043


CASCHA premium strings for classical guitars are ideal for guitarists who value quality and sound. The wound strings are made of high-quality phosphor bronze, wrapped around a hexagonal steel core. The result is an impressive sound experience: clear and powerful highs as well as warm and full bass frequencies are a pleasure for every musician. The good playability ensures maximum fun while practicing or performing. The CASCHA classical guitar strings have a good grip and create a balanced sound. Like all CASCHA products, the classical guitar strings are produced to the highest manufacturing standards to ensure a long durability, high quality and maximum playing pleasure.

The included string strengths are ideal for professionals and beginners alike:

1st E .028
2nd B .032
3rd G .040
4th D .030w
5th A .035w
6th E .043w


  • One set of premium classical guitar strings (6 strings)
  • High quality: Wound strings are round wound, made of phosphor bronze; unwound strings are plain steel
  • Impressive sound experience: clear and powerful highs, warm and full bass frequencies
  • Guaranteed playing pleasure due to long-lasting sustain and excellent intonation
  • Gauges: .028, .032, .040, .030, .035, .043

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