Cascha Capo for Acoustic and Electric Guitar

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Cascha Capo for Acoustic and Electric Guitar

A capo is an irreplaceable tool for any guitar player. With it you can e.g. change the pitch of your guitar easily in order to suit the vocal pitch of a singer and by that avoid the use of complicated chords. In order for the capo to function well, both quality and construction must be right, like with the Cascha Capo. Its spring is made of high-quality steel which provides an excellent tone with perfect intonation. Its solid metal construction fits perfectly on any neck position. Thanks to the silicone pad the neck and strings of your guitar are perfectly protected. The Cascha Capo can be attached and removed quickly and easily with just one hand. This model is suitable for acoustic and electric guitars with steel strings. 


  • Solid metal construction
  • High-quality steel spring
  • Surface protection silicone pad
  • Neck protection
  • One hand positioning
  • Dimensions: 3“ x 3.5“ x 0.7“
  • Weight: approx. 30 g





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